Day 4: Support the Zonta House Refuge

Zonta House Refuge Association supports women at risk of or experiencing violence.

You can help the Refuge continue its essential work by donating:

The Refuge works closely with other service agencies, volunteers and partners to provide crisis accommodation and outreach education through its Positive Pathway program.

In the last year, the Refuge has provided:

  • 252 women and 2 children with accommodation
  • 57 women with specialist study and employment case management
  • 44 community awareness sessions facilitated to 4,509 people
  • 101 education programs to 144 women over 420 attendances
  • 204 women with specialist recovery support over 640 sessions
  • 135 coaching sessions
  • 177 women with comprehensive case management in the community
  • 40 women with parenting support in prison
  • 56 women with support to reintegrate into the community from the adult justice system.

Please support the Zonta House Refuge!