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Recycle, Plant Trees

Given that women and girls are more heavily impacted by climate change than men, it makes sense for our club to take some climate action to reduce waste and offset carbon emissions.   

Since Earth Day 2021, our club has been collecting bottles and cans as part of the Containers for Change Scheme. We recycle so we can plant trees

By Earth Day 2022, we had raised enough money to plant 500 trees.

Recycling containers reduces landfill and planting trees helps the Earth to breathe. Through Recycle, Plant Trees, we can do both at the same time!

How can you help?

Please download the flyer and share with your colleagues, family and friends – and together we can work towards a gender-equitable, sustainable future!

Recycle, plant trees flyerDownload

What is Earth Day?
Earth Day aims to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide and has reached over one billion people in over 192 countries.

What is Zonta doing about gender equality and climate action?

The Zonta Club of Perth started Zonta Says NOW to gender equality and climate action to raise awareness of the importance of ending global warming and closing the gender gap. The World Economic Forum reported that the social disruption caused by the global pandemic has put gender equality back 36 years. By mid-century over a billion people could be displaced by extreme weather events caused by global warming. Social disruption at this scale will put gender equality back further. Taking climate action today is essential to maintain any hope of closing the gender gap and achieving gender equality in the future.

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