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Thanking people when they show kindness, courage or go the extra mile can be problematic.  How do you say, I care,  I value you, and I appreciate what you are doing?  Use a personal handwritten card. 

In this world of social isolation, people value receiving handwritten notes.  When the card supports initiatives that say yes to gender equality and no to violence against women, they can see that the card is also helping others.

The Zonta Club of Perth’s ‘inspiration cards’ feature inspirational quotes by Amelia Earhart, the famous aviator, who was a Zontian.

The inspiration cards contain a special gift – they each contain a $10 donation card to the Zonta Club of Perth.

You may also choose to purchase the mini $10 donation cards on their own, so you can use them in your own cards or use multiple cards to celebrate milestone birthdays.

The inspiration and donation cards were donated and this means that the full $10 from their sale will go to the club.

Please complete the form below to place your order.  On confirmation of your order, payment may be made online to:

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