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For your Tax-deductible Donations

The Perth Foundation for Women Inc is the new charity arm of the Zonta Club of Perth Inc.

The Perth Foundation for Women is the new charity arm of the Zonta Club of Perth, and all donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible!

For fifty years, the Zonta Club of Perth has been supporting women and girls in need locally and globally through a range of health, education and advocacy projects. Previously, our impact has been small as it has been challenging to raise funds without providing a tax deduction to donors.

All that has now changed.

The club has put together a portfolio of projects to enable vulnerable women to live without fear of violence, provide shelter in times of need, and a pathway out of poverty. The club is also developing an online donation payment system to generate the receipts necessary to claim tax deductions.

The Perth Foundation for Women was formally launched by Ping Teo at the Zonta Club of Perth’s 50th Anniversary Dinner on 20 April 2022.

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Make a Transfer to:

Perth Foundation for Women Ltd: BSB: 633-000Account number: 191 858 208

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Please email your full name and address to so that a receipt may be issued.

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