Do you know a woman aged over 25 that needs some financial help to complete their first degree?

The Zonta Club of Perth University Education Award, valued at $2,000, may be put towards study for their first recognised degree course at any Western Australian university.

Applicants need to be:

  • Australian Citizens or  have permanent residency status
  • reside in Western Australian in 2019.
  • have successfully completed at least all the first year units/requirements of a degree course (on a full or part time basis)
  • not hold a scholarship, other award, or receive financial assistance under bond to an employer
  • be 25 or over as at 26th April 2019.
  • In addition, they need to demonstrate the need for financial assistance, provide at least one written academic reference and one written personal reference and not been a previous recipient of a financial grant or this award during the course of undergraduate study.
Jill Anderson, Zonta Club of Perth with Kimberley Wilde

This award has closed for 2019.  Next year’s award will be advertised early in 2020 with the closing date around April.

The Zonta Club of Perth congratulates Kimberley Wilde as the winner of 2019 Zonta Club of Perth University Education Award.

Kimberley is pursuing a BA in Sociology and Australian Indigenous Studies at Murdoch University.  We wish Kimberley all the best in her endeavors.