DAY 15: Violence against women in the mining industry

A survey of workers conducted by the Western Mine Worker’s Alliance (WMWA) shows that workers are experiencing sexual harassment in FIFO workplaces at unacceptable levels.

It is of great concern that nearly one in four female survey participants reported that they had experienced physical acts of sexual assault and two-thirds had experienced verbal sexual harassment while working in the FIFO mining industry.

Alarmingly, just four in 10 women Fl FO workers believed workers are encouraged to report sexual harassment and half believed workers are not supported through the reporting process.

WMWA’s survey shows that a significant proportion of workers are subject to a range of behaviours ranging from physical assault to unwanted sexual advances and inappropriate conversation or behaviour.

Of survey participants, 36% of women and 10% of men said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment within the last 12 months.

From:  the Western Mine Worker’s Alliance, Submission to the Western Australian Parliamentary Inquiry into sexual harassment against women in the FIFO mining industry.

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