A pleasant surprise

Fatemeh Etemadi, the Zonta Club of Perth Education Awardee 2020

A message from member Vicky Nazer:

What a pleasant surprise for me when I arrived for a ‘scale, clean, and polish’ at my local dental surgery this afternoon!

My dental therapist was none other than Fatemeh Etemadi, our Education awardee from 2020, who graduated from Curtin at the end of last year! She was happy for me to take these two photos of her at work.

In the photo where she’s masked, she’s wearing some special magnifying equipment (attached to her glasses) that her award money helped fund. You’ll remember that she initially had intended to use the award money to buy a computer or a car, but she decided the special dental equipment would be a better long-term investment for her career. She said that owning such equipment made finding employment with a dentist much easier for her.

She commented that the Award was a very generous amount.  It had been a great help to her, and she wanted me to thank ‘everyone at Zonta’ again for the Award.

Fetemah with her special magnifying glasses purchased with the money from her Education Award

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