Mass Mailout for Climate

Write a letter to your Federal MP today!

Through our Zonta Says NOW program, we know that women and girls will come off worst with climate change. Climate change will magnify existing inequalities and if the gender gap is not closed in this decade, it will turn into a chasm in the next. We need to take climate action now if we are to have a world where all lives matter.

Australia is one of the world’s major producers of fossil fuels and has the worst emissions record of any developed country. The recent UN Climate Change report showed that we need to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040 if we are to prevent runaway global warming. However, the Australian Government recently chose not to adopt the Climate Change Bills – so they could not be debated in Parliament.

Thousands of people around Australia have not given up on the Climate Change Bills.

A Different Approach Community (ADAC) has been writing 227 letters a month to all Federal parliamentarians since 2019 asking for urgent action on climate change. They have devised this ingenious Mass Mailout for Climate campaign and have asked community groups to send letters to their MPs:

Throughout September, an expected 30,000 letters will be collected in a post office locked bag in Canberra and delivered to independent parliamentarian Zali Steggall at a media photoshoot event in October.

Visit the Mass Mailout for Climate website to view videos of Zali Steggall describing the campaign, get instructions on where to send your letters and some ideas to get your creative juices flowing!

To make your letter count, post it during September!

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