Zonta International Statement on Climate Change – A Gender Equality Issue

Zonta International recognises that climate change threatens human rights, such as right to life, food, water, health, education, livelihood and safety. Therefore, Zonta International calls for action in favor of a fair and human rights-based approach to solve the crisis of climate change in the post-pandemic world and achieve greener, cleaner and equal societies.

As stated by UN Secretary-General António Guterres on several occasions, and affirmed in the most recent UN SDG Report, “If the world does not act now, and forcefully, the catastrophic effects of climate change will be far greater than the current pandemic.”

Zonta International adds its voice to affirm that climate change requires swift and decisive actions and the time for such actions is now.

Download the Statement to read how Zonta International calls on governments to take action.

To find out more about how you can take action today visit Zonta Says NOW.

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