Earth Day Launch of Recycle, Plant Trees

Given that women and girls are more heavily impacted by climate change than men, it makes sense for our club to take some climate action to reduce waste and offset carbon emissions.   

Today we celebrate the 51st International Earth Day and there could be no better day to launch our latest club initiative – Recycle, Plant Trees

Recycling containers reduces landfill and planting trees helps the Earth to breathe. Through Recycle, Plant Trees, we can do both at the same time!

  • Collect recyclable containers and drop them off at your local Containers for Change site.
  • Quote the Zonta Club of Perth’s CFC identification number C10450919 and the money will go direct to our club.
  • For every 40 containers collected, we will use the cash for Carbon Positive to plant a tree on our behalf.

How many trees could we plant in the next year? 50, 500, 5,000?

Please download the flyer and share with your colleagues, family and friends – and together we can work towards a gender-equitable, sustainable future!

What is Earth Day?
This link shows in just 8 pictures how Earth Day started and describes its goals for 2021.

Zonta Says NOW to gender equality and climate action.