Can you help to get justice for Stacey?

Can you help to seek justice for Stacey Thorne – a Noongar woman murdered in Boddington on 9 December 2007? 

To date, no one has been held to account for her horrific murder. 

New research has highlighted the differences in the treatment of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women’s and non-Indigenous women’s missing person’s cases.

Aboriginal (First Nations) women in West Australia are at a high risk of murder and as mothers are 17.5 times more likely to be the victim of a homicide. 

There is also racism by the criminal justice system, leaving them and their children vulnerable. Perpetrators may offend with impunity.  Aboriginal women also suffer high rates of disability linked to this violence they are subjected to.

Dr Hannah McGlade, who spoke at our November club meeting, is coordinating a petition to the WA Legislative Council to seek justice for our First Nations women. It recommends that the WA Government:

  1. Release the 2013 Corruption and Crime Commission report into Stacey Thorne’s murder.
  2. Acknowledge violence against and murder of First Nations women.
  3. Inquire into the deaths and disappearances of First Nations women in WA.
  4. Investigate the media reporting of First Nations women’s deaths.
  5. Commit to addressing structural and systemic discrimination that disadvantages and impedes First Nations women’s access to legal services, victim supports and justice.

As only original signatures are permitted, you will need to print out the petition, sign it, and post it back to Dr Hannah McGlade.  Details are on the petition.

Please ask your family, friends and colleagues to consider signing it too.

Let’s get justice for women like Stacey.

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