Day 7: We support the new non-fatal strangulation legislation in Western Australia

Many women report that during family violence episodes their partners have attempted to strangle or suffocate them. From 1 October 2020, this practice became unlawful in Western Australia.

The Women’s Council for Domestic and Family Violence Services (WCDFVS) advises that the COVID 19 pandemic has coincided with the onset or escalation of violence against women in Australia.

The Australian Institute of Criminology (Statistical Bulletin #28 – July 2020) reported that two-thirds of Australian women who have experienced physical or sexual violence by a current or former partner said that the violence had started or escalated in the three months prior to the survey (in May 2020).

For women who reported experiencing physical and or sexual violence during July to September 2020, 41.6 % reported they had experienced an episode of being strangled or grabbed around the neck by the perpetrator. This act is a red flag for a high risk of serious harm and death in the future.

Zonta says NO to violence against women.

Zonta Club of Perth

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