Day 5: Ishar for me same like as new house

Ishar Multicultural Women’s Health Services provides a range of holistic services to women from all walks of life and cultural backgrounds. Ishar empowers women in domestic violence situations to regain control of their lives. Each year Ishar services approximately 1,800 women from over 100 ethnicities making over 50,000 service contacts.

The Zonta Club of Perth has a mentoring program with women from Ishar and over the years have come to have a greater understanding of the difficulties faced by women settling into a new land, learning a new language and also experiencing family violence. It is not easy.

Finding ways to respond safely, appropriately and respectfully, using capacity-building solutions developed in partnership with women of lived experience, enables women to take action in their own and their family’s best interests. Barriers to accessing support are high for women of CaLD backgrounds, so Ishar specialises in providing vital health and support services for women from overseas.

Read the stories of the women like Aisha, who have been empowered through Ishar’s programs and where Ishar is “same as like new house”.

Zonta says NO to violence against women.

Zonta Club of Perth

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