Day 1: Respect starts with you

The 16 Days in WA to Stop Violence Agains Women starts on 25 November (the International day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women) and finishes on 10 December (Human Rights Day).

Violence against women is never okay. We all have a responsibility to prevent violence, call it out when we see it and provide support to those affected.

Respect Starts with You is the theme of this year’s Western Australian Government’s 16 Days in WA Stop Violence Against Women campaign.

The statistics below could include you, your partner, your friend, your colleague, or a loved one. Behind every number is a person.

Facts and Statistics:

  • Almost a third (30% or 125 victims) of all homicide and related offences (including murder, attempted murder and manslaughter) in Australia in 2019 were family and domestic violence related. Western Australia recorded 12 victims.
  • One in five Western Australian women reported experiencing partner violence since the age of 15.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women account for 67% of hospitalisations due to family and domestic violence in Western Australia.
  • 63% of assaults in Western Australia were family and domestic violence-related in 2019.
  • The number of family and domestic violence-related victims increased in most Australian jurisdictions between 2018 and 2019. In Western Australia, this number increased by 10% to 19,437 people.
  • 49,198 Police Domestic Violence Incident Reports were triaged in 2019-20. Children were present in 15,832 of these cases.
  • 11,975 family violence restraining orders were lodged in Western Australia in 2018-19, equalling 75% of the total restraining orders filed.
  • As many as 56% of youth homelessness cases in Western Australia are linked to family and domestic violence.
  • Family and domestic violence is a leading cause of women’s homelessness.
  • Domestic violence accounted for 55.8% of the accommodation support from specialist homelessness agencies in WA in 2017-18, up from 45.1% in 2012-13.

Please wear orange during the next 16 days to show your support, promote equality, and show your respect.

Zonta says NO to violence against women.

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