Zonta District 23 Says NOW!

Our Club actively supports the District 23 Zonta Says NOW to Gender Equity and Climate Action initiative.

Globally, women are disproportionately impacted by climate change and are not well represented in climate response decisions. Women have less access to education, have more casual and lower paid jobs, and less financial security.

During extreme weather events, women are at greater risk of displacement, experience higher rates of job loss and are more likely to be injured or killed.  These events can see a dramatic increase in rates of interpersonal violence, and can precipitate early marriage or forced prostitution as a way to survive.

New technology-based decarbonising industries are emerging and more women and girls need to be educated in STEM subjects to take advantage of future job growth areas.

Therefore, women and girls need to act NOW to:

  • expand Zonta’s health and education programs;
  • take action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prevent runaway global warming; and
  • give a stronger voice to women and girls to negotiate a fair global response to the climate crisis.

Through Zonta Says NOW, we can do this.

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