Birthing Kits at Home

Kate, Sue and Barbara had a lovely afternoon assembling birthing kits ‘at home’.

In these days of Covid-19 social distancing requirements, our Birthing Kit Assembly Days have had to be re-worked. We have replaced our large events that involved dozens of volunteers assembling hundreds of kits – with mini assembly days in member’s homes and workplaces.

Vera Riley has done a magnificent job organising members to assemble bundles of forty kits at a time. Vera drops off the kits, complete with instructions and video links so volunteers can learn how to assemble the kits and see where the kits go. Members meet in very small groups and assemble the kits. Vera collects the kits and sends them to Kit International for distribution overseas.

We can all keep socially-distanced, yet still experience the satisfaction of providing hands-on service to help women around the world.

If you would like to know more about the birthing kit program, visit Kit International.

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