Birthing Kit Assembly Day 2017


The Golden Z Club of St Catherine’s College and the Zonta Club of Perth joined forces for the annual Birthing Kit Assembly Day 2017. In preparation for the event, $3000 were needed to be raised for 1000 Birthing Kits. The Golden Z Club spent much of the year fundraising, having committed to contribute toward the cost of the 1000 kits. Funds were boosted by a donation from the Zonta Club of Swan Hills to the Golden Z Club toward the cost of the Birthing Kits, and the Zonta Club of Perth added funds to ensure the $3000 were available to purchase kit supplies from the Birthing Kit Foundation, as well as pay for transport of supplies, and contribute to sustainability projects and administration costs associated with managing kit production and distribution.

On October 7th, the Golden Z Club hosted the Assembly Day event at St Catherine’s College. A total of 37 volunteers worked diligently to assemble the 1000 Birthing kits containing essential items to facilitate a clean and safe birth: a plastic sheet, gloves, soap, gauze, string and a scalpel blade.  The volunteers were made up of Zonta Club of Perth members, Golden Z Club members, St Catherine’s student residents, and visiting Zonta Club of Swan Hills members Ruth Thomas and Wendy Strada.

The event was a great success, the goal of assembling and packing a 1000 Birthing Kits was achieved. The kits have now been sent back to the Birthing Kit Foundation in South Australia, ready to be shipped across the globe to improve outcomes for mothers and babies in the developing world. A big ‘Thank you’ must go to all who assisted in the process that makes the Birthing Kit Assembly Day happen. Special mention must also go to Lyn McArthur, Zonta Club of Perth member, and her helpers at Alfred Carson Residential Care facility who folded plastic sheets as part of the pre Assembly Day preparation. No doubt we are all looking forward to this special event in 2018!

Vera Riley and Kimberley Roehrig

Zonta Club of Perth